Defend Black Lives

Defend Black Lives

Art by Cece Carpio. IG @cececarpio, cececarpio.com
as featured in “No Going Back: a COVID-19 Cultural Strategy Activation Guide for Artists & Activists by the Center for Cultural Power


Defend Black Lives
for the Benefit of All

“love & justice are not two. without inner change, there can be no outer change; without collective change, no change matters” 

— Rev. angel Kyodo williams,
author of Radical Dharma


The Art Monastery is committed to cultivating personal liberation and cultural transformation. We always have been. Today that means:

As individuals, Artmonks are taking to the streets, donating to black led activist organizations, calling and emailing politicians, painting signs, and calling in our communities to show up in the struggle.

As an organization, all our programs are offered free for BIPOC community and we’re committed to amplifying Black voices on our social media channels.


Black, brown and indigenous artists, we know you are bearing the brunt of this nation’s dis-ease. Let us help up

lift your voice with free online embodiment practices, guided meditations, and support for your artmaking


White folks, we are here to keep unlearning racism along with you! 

When the desire to get it right locks you into inaction, touch your hand to your heart, remember your intention to be of benefit, and take a next step into service. Risk, fail, learn, and try again. If marching on the street isn’t right for you, there are so many other actions you can take. Want someone to brainstorm with? Send us an email.

“There’s no doubt that this is America’s moment of reckoning”

— Dr. Cornel West

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