Calling all therapists, counselors, coaches, social workers, teachers, leaders, managers, and artists
who could use a little empowerment for themselves or others!

  • Learn practical empowerment techniques you can put into practice right away
  • Increase your efficacy and depth of impact
  • Receive well-designed free materials (print & online) you can use for yourself as well as with your clients, students, and patients.

Here are is a peek inside the workbook:


  • a 72-page self-empowerment workbook (available in 11 languages in print and as a fillable PDF) and
  • a 100-page guidebook for facilitators of empowerment

Still in production are (but to be released soon!):

  • an online methodological database,
  • a short film, and
  • a self-empowerment app.


Due to our generous EU-funding, we offer all of this for free.

Attend the event to learn more and to get access to print & online materials.


The workshop will NOT BE RECORDED.

The workshop is offered at three times to fit your schedule (each session will be the same so you only need to attend one):

Register for Sunday, June 4 at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

Register for Tuesday, June 6 at 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern

Register for Wednesday, June 7 at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern


Hosting Empowerment is a three-year program funded by the EU Erasmus+ program. Our objective is to enable vulnerable groups to become more active citizens. We will research how to create settings that strengthen courage, self-confidence, and self-efficacy.
We envision a society where each person is capable of influencing their own circumstances and destiny. Therefore, our mission is to inspire and nourish vulnerable groups as well as those who care for them. We will develop and distribute methods, tools and skills to enable facilitators to become even more effective in supporting their participants to become increasingly empowered and active.