Two-Month Internship Opportunity in Italy

ACTIVELY SEEKING String Players, Percussionists and Visual Designers

Open to all emerging Collaborative Theatermakers: Playwrights, Directors, Composers, Choreographers, Dramaturgs, Producers, Stage Managers, Theater Technicians and designers of all kinds. Scroll down for more info!

Dates: August 9-October 5, 2015

Cost: Room + Board + Tuition = $2500. Covers all living expenses for the whole program.
Financial Aid is available–let us know and we can work together to find a financial package that fits you as an individual.

To apply: email Caramanico@ArtMonastery.org

–1 or 2 paragraphs introducing yourself and describing your interest in the Art Monastery Project (most important)
–photo, resume, links to video/audio of previous work (don’t stress over these, just send us what you’ve got)

MonasteryMountains The Art Monastery Internship is designed for college seniors and recent college graduates looking for a professional experience and an adventure. Interns will experience alternative creative approaches, spiritual views & practices, and community living. In addition to daily artistic practice along with the whole community, each intern will be supported by direct mentorship with one professional artist-in-residence. The ideal Art Monastery Intern is open-minded, kind-hearted, and enthusiastic about the adventure of living with a bunch of creative, big-spirited, hard-working artists in the Italian countryside.

The Art Monastery Project (AMP) is an American non-profit arts organization that cultivates cultural transformation and personal awakening through art, community, and contemplation. This summer we’ll reconvene our secular community of 15-20 artists, applying monastic principles to artmaking and creativity.

This summer’s Art Monastic Laboratory takes place in the mountains of Abruzzo, Italy. In an ancient monastery, tucked away in the middle of one of Italy’s largest national parks, a 2.5 hour drive from the Rome Airport, a 15-minute walk from Caramanico Terme, less than an hour drive down the mountain to the beaches of the Adriatic sea.

The first half of our two-monthlong retreat will focus on community development and collaborative creation of an evening-length theater performance. Moving into the second half of the program, focus will shift towards performance and honing. Interns will be called upon for vital logistical management, running operations, technical support and also creative input that will be an invaluable part of both the artistic development and production stages.

Throughout the two months, the professional artists-in-residence will facilitate daily artistic practice and skill-share sessions, along with guided meditation, yoga, and other contemplative practices, while our community as a whole will offer ongoing workshops open to the public, and several public performances throughout the time, with a more cabaret-style informal aesthetic until the final theatrical performances at the end of the residency.

We will share lunch and dinner every day (and usually breakfast too), participate in cooking, cleaning, and chores, as well as other community activities, and explore elements of contemporary monasticism as a group (meditation, self-reflection, etc.) Although we are a secular community, we are deeply interested in exploring spirituality in everyday life, and we are seeking others ready to engage art and spirit in similarly profound ways. All participants should be actively lit up by all three Art Monastery pillars of Community, Contemplation and Creativity. Our vision is that the summer will challenge each individual creatively, spiritually, and inter-personally; that the community will deeply investigate art monasticism; and that this process will yield a professional, high-quality product.

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