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Art Monastery Italia is part of the International Partnership for Transformative Learning, an alliance of seven European organizations dedicated to hosting transformation.

Akademie für Visionautik (Germany)
Youth Initiative Program (Sweden)
Art Monastery Project (Italy)
Knowmads (Netherlands)
Pioneers of Change (Austria)
Embercombe (UK)
SoL Hungary (Hungary)


After two years of generously funding as a Lifelong Learning Partnership by the EU Grundtvig Programme, these organizations have launched a more permanent partnership to investigate new modes of radical transformation and cultivate the next paradigm of sustainable change in the world.

We believe that the current educational system is in need of a radical shift. People are seeking news ways to use their skills, be challenged, feel worthwhile, and affect positive change in the world. The International Partnership for Transformative Learning (IPTL) is working to articulate these challenges that face our modern world, develop and implement new tools for addressing them, and bring together the people who have the power and skills to offer solutions. We believe that this movement will come from profound change both within societal structures and individuals. This movement will bring new energy and ideas into the world, improve the quality of people’s lives, and forward environmental and social sustainability. Individuals who value life-long learning are encouraged to work deeply within themselves to find new work and meaning in their lives — to find the place where their skills and interests meet the needs of the world.

In 2013, we published a book (edited, designed, and illustrated by Betsy McCall and Joos van den Dool) sharing our insights into the personal nature of transformation.

Most years, the Art Monastery co-organizes the Changemaker Festival and Hosting Transformation Conference along with the other members of the IPTL. For more info, visit hostingtransformation.eu.


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