Vision-Casting Moon

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Vision-Casting Moon

Full Moon, March 9, 2020

Vision-Casting Moon


Dawn, vulnerable sky.

Days, icy river.

Dying, pungent earth.


Wish-fulfilling gem

is code for doing the work—

call it what you will.


There’s more light

when you call it

when you welcome it,

as you fulfill your wish

to meet the work

of awakening

even as tears & grief

challenge your voice to speak.


Now is a cone of light

with unique genealogy—

this time of year

for you & you & you

within a particular phalanx

intimate whispered landscape

& especially after being shattered

again, surrounded by streaming clouds

of confusion, fear, anxiety

we ask the yellow-green moss

growing on our shingled roof

to become spirit-vast vision

flourishing life cast into the shadows

of empty trees & sodden fields.


Still, now is a moon at night

shiveringly alive

calm incandescent spectrum

vibrating in past/present/future tense



Now is always awakening

work, wings & wind aloft:

follow the breath out

into the world… dissolve

in the gift of reunion

trust the gap

where myriad things

come forth & experience themselves

inhale, join hands,

make it anew.



Text by Qayyum Johnson

Artwork by Junior Artmonk Hildy Cora Brooks

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