The AMP is seeking two Worktrade volunteers to join our community and assist in the running of a 90-day art-monastic retreat, June 1 to August 31, 2012 in Labro, Italy (70 miles northeast of Rome). The goal of the retreat is to create a collaborative, multi-disciplinary theatre piece that will be co-created by a group of 10 professional artists, developed in the first 6 to 8 weeks of the summer, and performed locally and regionally at Italian festivals the final 4 to 6 weeks. The Worktraders will be entrusted with much of the daily living tasks for the community that are necessary to keep the retreat and production running smoothly, in both the development and production stages.

Daily tasks include:

  • caring for, harvest, and cultivate the vegetable & herb garden
  • assisting the chef with cooking and food shopping trips
  • keeping the house clean and in order
  • driving/running errands
  • grounds maintenance
  • administrative/office assistance (data entry, printing/distributing schedules, etc.)
  • car maintenance
  • assistance with show development (mask building, prop making, gear carrying, etc.)
  • assistance with show production (tech installation, show set-up and break-down, shuttling artists, etc.)

Creative Master Classes

Worktraders are invited to participate in optional master classes 10 hours per week for the majority of the development period. These classes will be taught by professional artists are a unique opportunity for younger artists to vastly expand their creative skill set. Classes will be taught in a wide variety of disciplines (vocal improvisation, ritual theater, physical training) but the entire community is encouraged to attend each class to truly take advantage of this special educational experience.

Board & Accommodation

Our chef prepares beautiful, delicious meals made with elements from our organic garden. Highlights include home-made yogurt at breakfast, local wine with dinner every night, and great conversations around the dinner table with world-traveled artists and like-minded souls.

Worktraders sleep in tents and are asked to contribute €7/day to cover the cost of food, transportation, utilities, internet, office supplies, etc. We hope one day to offer a volunteer program that is cost-neutral on both ends, however as we are still a start up non-profit, we have to do everything possible just to cover costs.

Community Life

All worktraders, along with Artmonks-in-Residence, interns, and staff, will be part of the monastic intentional community for the entire summer. We will share lunch and dinner every day, participate in cooking, cleaning, and chores, as well as other community activities, and explore elements of contemporary monasticism as a group (meditation, ritual, etc.). Although we are a secular community, we are deeply interested in alternative spiritual practices and we are seeking others ready to engage art and spirit in similarly profound ways. All participants should be actively lit up by all of these elements. Our vision is that the summer will challenge each individual creatively, spiritually, and inter-personally; that the community will deeply investigate art monasticism; and that this process will yield a professional, high-quality product. Worktraders will experience alternative creative approaches, diverse spiritual views & practices, and community living. As a central part of the team, Worktraders will grow as a human being (through the beautiful challenge of communal living) along with the rest of us.


Working language is English, but Italian speaking skills are a huge bonus. This is a part-time position (5 hours/day, plus a day-and-a-half off per week). In your off-hours, you are welcome to relax, hike, explore nearby towns (including the beautiful Lake Piediluco, the tallest waterfall in Europe, and the tallest mountains in Italy south of the Alps), or explore private artistic pursuits.

Join us and co-create a magical summer!

The Art Monastery Project is a unique place, an idealistic start-up that is an exciting experiment. The ideal Worktrader is open-minded, kind-hearted, and enthusiastic about the adventure of living with a bunch of creative, big-spirited, hard-working Americans in the Italian countryside. It’s going to be great. Trust us.

To apply

The Art Monastery will accept Worktraders throughout the summer season (June 1-August 31, 2012). We are especially interested in those who can join us for a minimum of two weeks; ideally Worktraders would stay one month or longer. Applications received by March 15 will be given priority and notification by April 15.  Other work trade positions are also available year round, for a minimum stay of two weeks. For information on volunteering other times of year, please visit our  Worktraders – Spring & Fall page.

To apply for summer 2012, fill out the online application form.

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  1. Luna Chiappero
    February 15, 2012


    I am interested to work on the summer project 2012. I’m planing to arrive in Rome by the 3th week of July and stay with you for at least 2 weeks.
    I’d like to see some pictures of the place where the volunteers stay (the tents, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchen).
    Voluteers work 10 hours a week?
    The project looks very nice and I think it will be an outstanding experience for me.
    My family is from the north of Italy (but I am from Brazil), so after work there, I plan to visit them.

    I’m looking foward to get your answer.

    Kind regards,