The Art Monastery cultivates personal awakening and cultural transformation through art, community, and contemplation.

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Read personal stories.

This year, the Art Monastery touched many people’s lives. Read the stories of how the AMP has made an impact below.

Neva Cockrell, Artmonk-in-Residence: eepurl.com/skZ_1

Emma Sanchez, Summer 2012 Culinary Artist: eepurl.com/sU9iD

Ryan Hazelbaker, Artmonk-in-Residence: eepurl.com/tcj_z 

Tom Sharp, Worktrader: eepurl.com/tfYpv 

Alex Leviton, Retreat participant: eepurl.com/tf2e1

Raphael Sacks, Artmonk-in-Residence: coming soon!

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