Awakening Creativity free online conference

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Awakening Creativity free online conference

I am delighted to report that I am part of a free online conference on the absolutely delicious topic of 

Awakening Creativity

60 extraordinary artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, creativity teachers, a few monks and a robot!

There is nothing more central to the Art Monastery than the cultivation of liberated creativity. And that is also the central tenant of this online symposium of great speakers and researchers in to the wild world of creative flow.

The conference takes place Sept 27 – Oct 1. It’s free to join.

==> Click here to register now for free

I’ll be presenting on Monday, September 27.

My talk is called Hosting the Muse.



I am interviewed by Jeff Charno, founder and host of Being & Doing. We have a great time delving into how to develop your daily creative practice — starting today. 

Along with all the other presenters, you will learn:

  • How to get out of your own way
  • The right kinds of meditation to support creative flow
  • Rewiring your brain to make surprising and useful connections
  • How to befriend your Muses
  • What science tells us about innovation
  • Your optimal strategy to get into flow states
  • How to raise creative children
  • And much more…

==> Click here to register now for free

I hope to see you there!

Hugs & bows,





P.S. There are some truly delightful live performances each day of the conference. They’ll make you proud to be a human being:). And, stop into the Virtual Cafe to join some interactive creativity games. Definitely fun.

==> Click here to register now for free


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