Longing For Distant Friends Moon

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Longing For Distant Friends Moon

Longing For Distant Friends Moon

Full Moon  November 8, 2022


I alone

listen to it

her exultance a three letter circle


that radiates light in the dark


we triangulate

faster than the speed of bamboo

by gazing at the same thought form

our ceaseless energy cycling

spirit connection


this wine-soft love

pine incense in cool air

merges for a moment

with all the is that is



who we are



longing for a story

to give to you

sheering distance

into unmistakable now


plum moon light



Poem by Qayyum Johnson.

Painting by Suiko McCall. Day 10/100, 2021. Natural pigments and archival white on paper, 8×8″. suiko.art

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