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Wild & Well

movement, singing, ceremony


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Wild & Well is specifically designed to help you feel good and bring you back to your center. From that place of wellness a certain type of re-wilding can occur through movement, singing, and ceremony.

The program is oriented toward embodiment. Every morning is Catalyst Training. This is a 3-hour embodiment class aimed at helping you connect to your body, stretch and strengthen your muscles, learn to move gracefully, and feel into your breath. This class will meet you where you are. Neva, the creator and instructor, is incredibly good at personalizing the class to work for each participant (see quotes below).

We have found that singing is a potent element of embodiment and finding your voice. Each day during our morning and evening practices we will sing together.  During most retreats, people also sing these songs throughout the day. Many participants say these songs help them bring their new-found wellness back into their home lives.

We will open and close our retreat with ceremonies. Ceremonies help us identify what is working and what isn’t working in our lives, call in changes we want to make, and mark transitions. We will practice having small ceremonies throughout the retreat, and hope to send people home with the tools to create their own ceremonies.

As is true for all retreats at the Art Monastery Project, you can also expect delicious food from our on-site garden, plenty of nature (including hiking and swimming), guided creative exercises, a sense of community, and meditation practice.

You are welcome in this program just as you are. No matter how wild or well you currently feel, we hope that by the end of this retreat you’ll feel nourished, empowered, and centered. Taking this time for yourself will help you better show up for your home community, work, and family. Join us!

“My experience of Catalyst Training with Neva was a full mind, body, spirit nourishing and full contact experience. Neva’s shared wild vibrant energy is truly contagious.”

—Maria Pilar Pina, Alexandria, Virginia

“I’ve raved about my Catalyst Trainings since I experienced them at Art Monastery. Catalyst Training is like the dream blend, to me, of the best movement forms ever: intuitive dance, strength training patterns, muscle isolation challenges, and yoga. The way Neva creates the flow of movements shows a deep intelligence of the physical and emotional body. I experienced in myself and observed that Catalyst is incredibly accessible for a wide range of abilities and mobilities. All the while shaped by Neva’s substantial understanding of human anatomy and expertise in all these forms; she offered alternatives and adjustments to people throughout the session.”

—Becky Miller , Burlington, Vermont

“I’m a movement snob. I’m one of those people who feels like they know their body, they know what it wants, and they don’t like other people telling them what to do. But in Neva’s hands I’m putty; she’s one of the few people I really trust. Catalyst creates a container that allows me to give my body what it needs, while also pushing me to push myself. I achieved more than I thought I could, worked harder than I thought I wanted, and loved it way more than I thought possible. This isn’t “exercise” or “strength training,” it’s an expression of joy in sweat.”

—Shawn, Brooklyn, NY

“I am VERY picky when it comes to facilitated workouts. Finding just the right combo of cardio, stretching and SPACE to do my own thing has been a challenge for years. Working with Neva was exactly what my body needed. Get Catalyst on your calendar now!”

—Kaitlin June, Chapel Hill ,  North Carolina

Retreat Leaders

Your retreat will be led by seasoned Artmonks Neva Cockrell, Betsy McCall, and Raphael Sacks.

NevaHeadshotNeva Cockrell is a dancer, director, and movement instructor. She tours internationally with Pilobolus and directs new dance-theater works in the US, Dubai, and Europe with the company she co-founded, Loom Ensemble. When she isn’t directing or performing, she is teaching her own movement technique, Catalyst Training, which she developed in 2016. In 2012, she joined the Art Monastery Project, and currently serves as a co-director of Art Monastery Vermont. She has been practicing meditation for the past 12 years, and has found much guidance in the Shambhala tradition. Her life path is deeply grounded in communal living, body-based activities, art-making, being outside, and contemplative practice.


Betsy McCall co-founded the Art Monastery Project in 2008, an international arts organization dedicated to applying the collaborative and intentional “social sculpture” of monastic life to art-making and creativity. In 2013, she published the book Hosting Transformation: Stories from the Edge of Changemaking. In 2017, she published the workbook Live Your Dream: Start Here, Start Now. Garnering degrees from Yale University and San Francisco Art Institute, Betsy’s large-scale pattern-based drawings and videos have been exhibited from San Francisco and New York to Amsterdam and Rome. Betsy now lives part of the year at Green Gulch Farm – Green Dragon Zen Temple in Muir Beach, Marin County, CA.

RaphaelSacks HeadshotRaphael Sacks has sung, danced, made theater and taught yoga in New York, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Berlin, Stockholm, Dubai. He is a founding member of Loom Ensemble and a core organizer/administrator for the Art Monastery Project. NYC credits include performances at BAM with Meredith Monk; Lincoln Center with Urban Research Theater; and La MaMa with Loom Ensemble.



Art Monastery Vermont, 2315 Connecticut River Road, Springfield, VT.

A truly special 7-acre farm on the banks of the Connecticut River, we live in a 7-bedroom farmhouse from the 1800s. We sit under the magical pear tree overlooking the river for morning meditation. The barn-turned-movement-space is available for movement-based practices, and we have a variety of other shared art-making spaces.


We have a variety of accommodation options: single bedrooms, shared bedrooms, and camping. Please take a look at the pricing options below and indicate your preferences on the registration form. If you have any questions, please contact the retreat organizers at info@artmonastery.org.

For information on how to arrive, visit our Directions page.


$400 PROFESSIONAL RATE for those living comfortably. The Professional Rate also helps us offer lower prices to those who could not otherwise afford to attend.

$300 FULL RATE for those with a regular income, making ends meet. The Full Rate covers the range of operational costs associated with offering Art Monastery retreats.

$225 SUBSIDIZED RATE for those with an income low enough that making ends meet is a challenge.

These rates include all meals, wine, and housing in a shared bedroom. We can offer a $40 discount if you choose to sleep in a tent. Or you can upgrade to a single room for an additional $40 above the listed prices, space allowing.

Early Bird discount

Enjoy a $50 discount when you pay in full by July 1.

Registration closes on August 6.

To secure your reservation, please: